It’s funny like that…

About 3/4ish weeks ago I decided that I was going to do this.
It was time to finally get things done or get off the pot. I have no more time to play the back and fourth that I have been doing – well forever now.

So, I have been hitting the ground running every chance I get. Head down, focused on getting mine. Every single day, I work on my goals. There is no longer any other option for me.

So the Universe gave me some love today!
I found stuff on sale
I found stuff on liquidation
I found stuff for crazy unreal prices – hello! amazing new hammer for a buck thank you very much!
I found stencils and beads, and findings and paint

So much awesome, huge amounts of awesome!

Hell, I even re-found the WordPress theme I have now today!

Good day. Amazing day!

Now, I’m sitting here debating if I want to go for a bike ride, head into my art lair, or pour myself a glass of wine and contemplate my navel.
I could also get my butt in gear and finish building this site!
Speaking of which, since I still haven’t gotten around to adding the button yet.
This blogging for the month of September challenge is brought to you by the letter E. As in Effy Wild

Okay, toodles!

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