On the days where all you want to go is crawl into bed and shut out the world. SHOW UP ANYWAYS.

I’m hurting today – migraine in full effect, panic attack from earlier has left me drained and raw. But I’m here. Not fully if I’m honest – I’m just crawling my way to a 100 word count and then I’m done and gone!

I’m not saying any of this for pity, or extra pats on the back. I’m sharing this for myself. So in a week or a month from now, when I have another day like today – cause THEY WILL HAPPEN -, I’ll remember how I pulled myself up and put fourth an effort no matter how small.

It is so important to me to take a step each day.
Just one step. And I’m that one step closer to my goals.

I’m one step closer to being where I want to be.

Just one

And I’m closing with 165 word count! Woot past my goal! Go me!

—-> Effy Wild

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