Little steps

I think we can all pretty much agree the world is stuck in a phases of ick.

We have a lot of negative stuff coming at us each day. I’m not going to list a bunch of them here, you just have to turn on your TV or read a newspaper to see and know what is going on.

It’s a phase of ick.

I say phase, because I do believe that we will make it past this, it just might take some time. So till this phase passes (It makes me think of when you decide to let your bangs grow out, and you go through that really pain in the ass awkward phases where you end up with bang wings and nothing holds those bistards down! UGH!) I have been putting in extra time showing and sharing kindness. I see a lot of people asking for ideas, and what can they do, and just looking for something to hold on too.

Anyways, these are some of the things I do on a daily.

Smile at people you cross in the street
Hold the door open for someone
If someone holds the door open for you, say thank you with a smile
Print out extra Michael’s coupons when you go and give them away – people LOVE this because we all know how expensive it is in there!
Offer to help someone – a mom with a stroller, an old lady walking down stairs, someone with to many bags, just offer.
Throw an extra apple in your lunch and share it with someone. I pack extra “lunch bags” and give them to the homeless. Just an extra apple or lunch bar. I’m not rich but I share where I can
When you say hello, and ask how someone is doing, LISTEN to them. Nothing feels better than to be seen and heard by others
I try to give 3 or 4 real, honest, complements a day. Sometimes a “your hair looks amazing today” goes a long way.
Remind someone that they are loved. I send my baby sister text messages a few times a month reminding her how fricken amazing she is

Of course, there is a thousand things you can do. These are just some of mine
I’d love to know what you do!

Remember love trumps hate.
Just be kind to one another

Okay, toodles!

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