Heart ache

There is no quicker way to break my heart than to have my baby sister call me up and hear her in tears.

When my father was dying my greatest fear was that she would have to call me and tell me he past.
I didn’t want that to be her burden
I would try to prepare her saying thing like, “don’t worry about me, you do what you have to do to get through it”
I wanted her mom to be the one to call me, her ex boyfriend, hell a total stranger would have worked

I just didn’t want it to be her.

The last 6 months of his life, I would jump every time I heard her ring tone.
There was no hellos as I rushed into what happened, whats wrong

After he past, I had to re-learn how to talk to her. I had to re-learn that her calling didn’t = something bad happened.
She just wanted to say Hey!

So tonight when she called me, in tears.
Tonight while she cried and told me she just needed to talk to me
My heart broke for her.
I can’t protect her or prepare her from all the things I want to keep her safe from.
I can’t wipe away her hurt

So I sit and listen to her cry, and let her know that even in her pain she is safe

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