A few weeks ago I decided that April was going to be my – all in – month.
The whole, go big or go home.
The one that is going to leave me panting but sated by the end.

Since then, I have been reminded nearly daily of that decision.
Today’s reminder was a pen my friend left behind for me on her last day at the job.
Just a little reminder that I got this. I can do this!

But it also reminded me that I have amazing people in my life
For someone who shies away from everyone when she is hurt or upset or “dealing”, it was a gentle nudge that I need to reconnect with the people that matter to me.

So, dear people that matter to me. I’m sorry for running away to hide. I’m sorry I couldn’t find the words to express what I was dealing with. Know, that even if I was cloaked in the shadows, I was still paying attention. I shared in your every joy. I sent out a silent prayer every time you hurt.

I missed you.
Please forgive me

And today’s big scary moment, was when I showed 3 of my co-workers the under-drawing of my current work in progress.
It was totally out of my comfort zone. But this is do all the things April!

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