Arting and Growing

I slayed everything on yesterdays to do list and now I’m working my way down today’s
I know I’m only 3 days in to Do All The Things April, but I’m feeling good about it already.
Just getting things done, and planned, and organized feels good.

I did join up for the #100daysproject
Let’s hope this is the year I finish it

My theme this year is #artandgrow

My whole idea is that everyday for the next 100 days I’m going to do something that benefits me in some positive and uplifting way. Binge watching Netflix won’t do much for me, but practicing my art, or cleaning up my art space, digging deep into some spiritual awesome-ness or hell maybe even starting yoga, will!

But it will mostly be creating. Cause. Creating!

In other news. I plan to have my new website up and running by the end of the month.
What new website you ask? Oh, you know, the one that will tell you all about the social networking/media services I will be offering!

And there is my big scary for the day!

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