Round 2!

Here I am trying this again
But this time I’m coming in with no expectations

To much has happened since my last update
I want to share it all, but at the same time, it feels like emptying out my soul, and that is something I tend to do slowly and over a drink or ten.

So I’ll start with this and we will see where we end up.
Life has been hard. It’s been tricky. It has been large and in my face and loud.
So fucking loud

But I’m still here
Still standing – with breaks to sit and rest

I’m slowly finding my way back to myself and my creativity
Slowly letting my fingers trail over my art supplies and dusting off my desks
Sitting at my desk and letting my mind dream up colors and textures
Feeling metal between my fingers and cold glass beads in my palms

Fighting the pull of crawling into my bed and pulling the blankets up over my head
Not giving into the urge of disconnecting, and staring at my phone watching youtube videos

Slowly, I’m coming back

Thanks for waiting around for me.

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