A plan I say! A Plan!

I sat at work today with paint on my finger nails and a little spot on my finger.
I can not put into words what that felt like.

Kinda like heaven but with booze and calorie free cake and where Jason Momoa calls me Baby Girl and I call him Daddy Bear.

Yeah kinda just like that!

Today marks day 4 for me. 4 days of actively putting an effort into my forward motion.
Next week I’ll be rekindling my meditation And I have other sparks to re-light after that. But one burning passion at a time!

My work week is almost over. Which means I can finally get to fixing this site up. I’ve been gone for so long that so much has changed that I need some time to figure it all out. Like wtf are blocks and why do I need them!?!? And what the hell happened to my design? I know there use to be a banner here at one point in time.

Now that I’m thinking about it. I think I’ll get some snacks and spend this weekend fully engaged with my forward motion. I can rebuild this site, start the one I have for my social media hustle and throw some art in there for good measure.

Holy poop, I’m a girl with a plan!

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  1. How exciting! You know, I didn’t care for blocks at first, but I think it’ll work out well for me. And I completely redesigned my whole site, using a walk through from my new theme (recommended) and I LOVE IT! I hope you have fun with it!

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