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Finding beauty in the day to day routine of life

Time for change

So, I mentioned two posts ago how draining and unhappy I was with my day job.

Well I changed that this week.

Things happened very quickly, but on Wednesday I got a job offer that I couldn’t say no to.

Thursday I gave notice.

Monday will be my last day there.

And then I am on to new and exciting things.

But its funny how my emotions have been all over the place. One minute happy, next scared, then sad. I’m sure I’ll be over it all in a few days.

In other news:  my “jewelers desk” is now set up. I’ll do my best to have pics up soon. It’s nothing special, just an old kitchen table, but I love it!  It’s close to the window, so  when it is raining like it is now, I can hear the sounds of the rain while I work.  Or watch the sun play with shadows in the trees.

With all the changes I have been dealing with, I’ve pulled my planner back out. I paid a pretty penny for it, its about time I start using it again. And now feels like the perfect time for that.

Anyways, I have rattled on long enough now. I just wanted to give a quick update. I’ll be back!