Little steps

I think we can all pretty much agree the world is stuck in a phases of ick.

We have a lot of negative stuff coming at us each day. I’m not going to list a bunch of them here, you just have to turn on your TV or read a newspaper to see and know what is going on.

It’s a phase of ick.

I say phase, because I do believe that we will make it past this, it just might take some time. So till this phase passes (It makes me think of when you decide to let your bangs grow out, and you go through that really pain in the ass awkward phases where you end up with bang wings and nothing holds those bistards down! UGH!) I have been putting in extra time showing and sharing kindness. I see a lot of people asking for ideas, and what can they do, and just looking for something to hold on too.

Anyways, these are some of the things I do on a daily.

Smile at people you cross in the street
Hold the door open for someone
If someone holds the door open for you, say thank you with a smile
Print out extra Michael’s coupons when you go and give them away – people LOVE this because we all know how expensive it is in there!
Offer to help someone – a mom with a stroller, an old lady walking down stairs, someone with to many bags, just offer.
Throw an extra apple in your lunch and share it with someone. I pack extra “lunch bags” and give them to the homeless. Just an extra apple or lunch bar. I’m not rich but I share where I can
When you say hello, and ask how someone is doing, LISTEN to them. Nothing feels better than to be seen and heard by others
I try to give 3 or 4 real, honest, complements a day. Sometimes a “your hair looks amazing today” goes a long way.
Remind someone that they are loved. I send my baby sister text messages a few times a month reminding her how fricken amazing she is

Of course, there is a thousand things you can do. These are just some of mine
I’d love to know what you do!

Remember love trumps hate.
Just be kind to one another

Okay, toodles!

The things I know

So, I have this thing that I have been thinking about for a few days now.
I know I know all about it. I know I know what I have to do to fix it
I know I have been over this 100 times already
But here I am once again!

The other day Facebook – I have such a love hate relationship with FB it’s not even funny.
Anyways…Facebook gave me a little post saying look at all the comments/likes you got on these posts of your Amanda, woot, good, job! Go you!

(okay they didn’t really say those words, but it’s close enough)

There was 4 of 5 posts of my showing something I’m working on, some idea I came up with, or my first attempts at my jewellery…
All the popular posts were in some way or another connected to my jewelry creations.
That kinda says a lot right?
People like what I do. Hell the little I have shown has gotten me comments like

-where can I buy that
-omg How much
-When are you going to open a store
-Hey, I have a glass case! Fill it and I’ll sell your goods to my customer – I have no words for how much I LOVE my hairdresser!
-Girl! I want to buy your stuff!
-Christmas is coming, you would be helping me out
-WTF are you waiting for

And it goes on from there..

And yet the idea of creating something that is sell-able. Is fricken SCARY as holy poop to me!
I hid from my metal station for months. Till I couldn’t take the pain of being away from it anymore.
But then I just cleaned it off. Moved my tools around

Then spent everyday since buying and planning new exciting things
Ohhh the ideas I have. The things I want to bring into form.

I feel scared and small and almost near tears as I write this to be honest.
Being seen, is…well it’s fricken hard.
But that’s one of the reasons for joining Effy Wild!

And here’s to a week, where hopefully I will be brave enough to show up and share what I have going on my metal station.

P.S Please read that as I WILL show up and share what I have going on my metal station.

Okay, toodles!


On the days where all you want to go is crawl into bed and shut out the world. SHOW UP ANYWAYS.

I’m hurting today – migraine in full effect, panic attack from earlier has left me drained and raw. But I’m here. Not fully if I’m honest – I’m just crawling my way to a 100 word count and then I’m done and gone!

I’m not saying any of this for pity, or extra pats on the back. I’m sharing this for myself. So in a week or a month from now, when I have another day like today – cause THEY WILL HAPPEN -, I’ll remember how I pulled myself up and put fourth an effort no matter how small.

It is so important to me to take a step each day.
Just one step. And I’m that one step closer to my goals.

I’m one step closer to being where I want to be.

Just one

And I’m closing with 165 word count! Woot past my goal! Go me!

—-> Effy Wild

It’s funny like that…

About 3/4ish weeks ago I decided that I was going to do this.
It was time to finally get things done or get off the pot. I have no more time to play the back and fourth that I have been doing – well forever now.

So, I have been hitting the ground running every chance I get. Head down, focused on getting mine. Every single day, I work on my goals. There is no longer any other option for me.

So the Universe gave me some love today!
I found stuff on sale
I found stuff on liquidation
I found stuff for crazy unreal prices – hello! amazing new hammer for a buck thank you very much!
I found stencils and beads, and findings and paint

So much awesome, huge amounts of awesome!

Hell, I even re-found the WordPress theme I have now today!

Good day. Amazing day!

Now, I’m sitting here debating if I want to go for a bike ride, head into my art lair, or pour myself a glass of wine and contemplate my navel.
I could also get my butt in gear and finish building this site!
Speaking of which, since I still haven’t gotten around to adding the button yet.
This blogging for the month of September challenge is brought to you by the letter E. As in Effy Wild

Okay, toodles!

Hello world!

I have the song Started from the Bottom by Drake, playing in my head.
Seems fitting

I have this new blog happening because of the challenge Effy from Effy Wild started.
I’ve started to reconnect with my art supplies
I sat down at my metal desk for the first time since before my father passed. I didn’t make anything, just touched my tools, moved things around. Remembered the feelings I had whenever I sat there before.

It was a mix of coming home and jitters at the same time. A new excitement.

But that seems to be the story of my life right now
A mix of coming home and new beginnings.

I pulled a card today, it was The Emperor.

Boom! *mic drop*